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It's Mother's Day at Hair Xtacy for You and a Mother You Love

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You may be self isolating.
You might be doing everything you can
to keep you and your family safe.
Normally some well earned and
well deserved time for you to relax
would be there for you at Hair Xtacy
to enjoy the attentive service and
dedication of the salon's staff.
Not this year. Not in 2020!
Yet there is still a way that you can
honour yourself for the mother that you are,
or extend that thought to someone you
care about that fits the bill.
Hair Xtacy makes a $20 gift card available
for every $100 gift card you purchase.
It is an excellent way to get a lot more
for a little less.
If you are interested in continuing to do some shopping
Hair Xtacy introduces its newly opened online emporium
Come take a look